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  • Come By The Store
          We'd love to help you pick out the perfect gift!

  • Call Us At 615-778-1481
          Please have the following information ready:
          (1) Item to be engraved and item's stock number
          (2) The message to be engraved (or this can be emailed
               to AllThingsEngraved@Yahoo.com to ensure accuracy)
          (3) Where you would like the item engraved
          (4) Font for engraving
          (5) When you need the item
          (6) Credit card information

  • Fill Out The Form Linked From Each Product Page
          Each form has been specialized to each individual item
          to help you make all your engraving decisions. Don't
          hesitate to call with any questions. The form will be sent
          directly to us so that we can process your order.
  • Normal Turn-Around Time
          Our normal turn-around time
          is next day.

  • Rush Orders
          If you have a rush order, we
          will do our best to work in
          your item, but cannot make
          any guarantees if there are
          prior orders promised.

  • Special / Custom / Large Orders
          Please allow extra time for
          special orders, custom
          items, or large quantities.
          We will be able to give an
          estimated time when we
          know all the details.
  • Engraved Items
          Engraved items cannot be returned.

  • Items Not Engraved
          If an item is purchased that has not been
          engraved, it may be returned within 10 days
          with a receipt and in its full packaging, as
          long as upon inspection there has been no
          damage done to the item (scratches, dents,

  • Sale Items
          Sale items cannot be returned.
  • Out Of Store Items
          We will gladly replace any item if we make
          a mistake, however, we cannot be
          responsible for things that cannot be
          accounted for such as the circumstances
          listed below:
          (1) The information given to us to
               engrave was incorrect.
          (2) The item reacts to the engraving in
               an unpredictable manner, such as a
               glass chipping/shattering/breaking,
               or the plating on a metal object

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